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8 Week Program
- Inner Healing and Intuitive Training  -
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Are You Called To Be A Healer or Online Coach But Don't Know Where To Begin?

Are You Ready To Step into Your Soul's Purpose?

The Path of the Healer program is designed to help spiritual entrepreneurs generate a full to part-time income doing what they love to doHeal.

This Program Begins Sunday, February 14th @ 7pm CST And Runs For 8 Weeks

During The 8 Weeks Your Will:

  • Receive Clarity Of Vision For Your Dreams And Life Purpose
  • Receive Inner Healing From Generational Curses and Childhood Traumas
  • ​Remove Blockages That May Be Hindering You From Your Destiny
  • ​Learn To Facilitate Intuitive Healing Remotely
  • ​Lead One On One Consultations With Clients And More!
Ready to Next Level?
Here Is The Program Outline:

Weeks 1 - 4

The first 4 weeks focus on getting your own clarity of vision, removing blockages and obstacles that may be standing in your way and manifestation.

Weeks 5 - 8

The second 4 weeks focus on Intuitive Healing Training and Activation as well as how to attract the right clients for you, lead magnets and practical ways to run your spiritual intuitive business.

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Stay connected with TruthSeekah and others who are going through the program to network and collaborate. TruthSeekah will also respond to questions and share relevant information to help you manifest your destiny!
Whether you are new to spirituality or are very seasoned you will be able to pick up the techniques and training in no time.

Program Curriculum

  • WEEK 1: Clarity of Vision
  • WEEK 2: Removing Your Blocks
  • WEEK 3: Manifestation
  • ​WEEK 4: Executing My Goal
  • WEEK 5: Intuitive Healing Training
  • WEEK 6: Generating Leads and Consultations
  • WEEK 7: Offers
  • ​WEEK 8: Getting Started
Ready To Step into Your Soul's Purpose?
The Path of the Healer program is designed to help spiritual entrepreneurs generate full to part-time income doing what they love to do. Heal.

This 8 week program will allow you start your career in Intuitive Healing!
This is an 8 week intensive where I will work with you in the curriculum that I created that took me years to learn.


Your Instructor
TruthSeekah is a Christian mystic, Amazon best selling author, visionary artist and seer with a vision to release the Spirit of Awakening. Also a songwriter, TruthSeekah has released over 200 songs, each one relating to the subject of spirituality. His journey has brought him through research and experience with the occult, paranormal, Christianity and the spirit realm. This has led him into many mystical encounters with God, angels, spirits, and many other supernatural beings. As the host of the TruthSeekah Podcast, he has interviewed hundreds of experts and leaders in their fields of supernatural, religious, philosophical, and paranormal studies. TruthSeekah has made it his life’s work to understand the spiritual realms and relate it back to people in a practical way. His desire is to help people embrace the reality of the spiritual world so they can walk in supernatural freedom in their lives.


✅ Saying YES to stepping into your soul's purpose, the very reason you were created!
✅ You are saying YES to doing the inner work to receive healing for yourself so that you can in turn heal the world!

✅ Saying YES to receive the financial abundance that God has for you to fulfill your life’s purpose!


I am literally going to hold your hand and walk you through the entire process!

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